Wordgame is a daily task, where the player is given a word, and needs to complete it, by collecting all of its letters. The letters are randomally scattered across the platforms- another letter roughly every 10,000 meters. A new word can be obtained (or replace a previously-uncompleted word) every day, based on the user's device time.

Gameplay Edit

Collecting letters Edit

Roughly, every 10,000 meters, another letter is placed on an ordinary playform (e.g. not on a moving platform). Since the letters are randomized, a player can also come across letters that he's already collected, and not needed to complete the daily word.

Collecting a letter is done by touching it. If the letter was missing, it would take its place in the daily word, which is displayed on the upper-left of the screen (just below the pause and rockets' icons).

If a letter appears in the word more than once, the first occurrence will first be occupied.

Winning Edit

Whenever the player crashes and restarts, if all letters have been collected, the player would get the prize for the given word. The most common prize is 1 gem, however, the reward can be greater, and in some occasions, items have also been rewarded.

Stars Edit

Below the displayed word of the current daily wordgame, a line of 7 stars is displayed. When completing the daily wordgame, the player earns a star. If a player completes a the daily wordgame several days in a row, the stars would add up, but if the player missed one day, the meter would reset. Once 7 stars have been collected, the player is given a special prize, and the meter will get reset.

List of daily words Edit

See main article: List of daily wordgame words

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to versions 1.64 for Android (October 20, 2016) and version ? for App Store, the date had been checked using wireless connection, where the word had been released roughly on 07:00 UTC.
  • Players can change their device date in order to get new daily words. Before the connection-independent update, players had had the ability to turn off their wi-fi and mobile data in order to complete the current word before turning it back on and getting next day's word.
  • In addition to letters, the daily wordgame can also include special characters (e.g. an ampersands and exclamation marks).
  • Words can be released multiple times.