Gems are the currency used in Froggy Jump. They are used for purchasing items from the shop, such as clothing and equipment.

Obtaining gems Edit

There are several ways for obtaining gems:

Free gems Edit

The Free gems features offers gems for free. The feaute is accessible via the Free Gems button in the ground-level screen, or through the dedicated button in the Gems section of the shop. The player can then earn gems through two ways:

  • By liking Froggy Jump on Facebook (3 gems)
  • Downloading any of the available apps in the "Earn Gems" screen (each gives a different reward, from 1 to several hundreds of gems)

Gem drop frequency Edit

When it come to finding gems on platforms in the game, the player starts with a low probability of finding ones. This probability, however, can be increased in 2 different ways:

Gem equipment Edit

Some equipment has gem-related effects. Gem-related equipment is listed here:

Gold bar Edit

See main article: Gold bar

Gold bars are available in the shop for 9 gems. The player can buy as many gold bars as he wants, and each one gives a 4% boost in gem drop rate. In other words, the more gold bars the player has, the more effective new gold bars become.

Gem indicator Edit

See main article: Gem indicator

The Gem indicator marks with an arrow the position of gems before their platforms appear on the screen.

Gem magnet Edit

See main article: Gem magnet

The Gem magnet pulls gems towards the player, and therefore makes missing a gem very unlikely.

Underwater theme Edit

As mentioned earlier, the Underwater theme gives a 20% gem drop rate boost. But in addition to that, it also provides a built-in gem magnet.

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